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What design services do you offer?

HK Marketing Agency is a multidisciplinary design studio that offers a range of design services that can be tailored to your business. We are here to give your business the creative edge with unique designs and solid brand identity.

By providing service on three levels:
The first level, is an open-source file, and you can modify it as you like
This level is suitable for students who are learning design.
The second level, we offer you the open-source template, and in addition to enabling you to upload your data on this template
This is suitable for the small business segment with a limited budget
The third level is to perform the required service uniquely and specifically for you. This is for business owners who decided to build a unique identity for their business, distinct from the rest of the competitors.

How much do you cost to hier ?

We do not have a set price list and the cost depends on the size of the project. After your send us an email with all of your desired design needs. We will then send you a unique proposal depending on your requirements.

We would like to think that you are not just hiring us to design, but rather to listen to your needs as we want to build a relationship that supports you, and helps your business grow. After we have agreed on a cost for the full project, the payments are split into three equal amounts. 1/3 deposit at the beginning, 1/3 at an agreed middle point and the final 1/3 on completion of project.

What i wil receive ?

This will competely depend on what your business requires. It could be logo files, style guides, stationary, marketing collatateral, website or anything else we agree upon. You will also receive consultation and support throughout the design process. We offer a personal touch and are easily contactable and quick to act on feedback and make revisions.

What does the design process involve ?

The design process differs depending on the task, but it will always begin with listening to you and understanding your vision for your business.
Send Email - proposal - research - develop ideas - sketch and conceptualise - create digitally - present - revise - deliver - support

How long does a project take ?

This will again completely depend on the project. A logo and brand identity project will be quicker than a full website design and build, or an app development project. We will keep in very close contact and update you on progress.

Most design projects will take 2-3 weeks, most website projects 1-2 months. This can be done quicker if necessary, but we generally recommend these timings to ensure we have time to develop and deliver the project to the highest standard it can be.

Can we still work together if we live in different contries ?

Yes of course. We work with clients from all over the world. We are accustomed to adapting to different time zones. All meetings and consultations can be conducted digitally, and all files can be shared and delivered via email.

If we are local to each other it would be great to meet in person, but it is not essential for a great working relationship.