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Tips How to Get Job and Succeed in Interview Easily

Tips How to Get a Job and Succeed in Interview Easily?

This post is specifically written for those individuals who are looking for a job which is very hard to find in today’s economy.

The reason is that job opportunities are less as compared to the qualified individuals and therefore there is a lot of competition.

The competition makes it hard for you to get the job even if you get the opportunity.

The 202 tips in this post can help you exceed your chances of getting a job.

⦁ The first essential step to getting any job is to make a very striking resume as it is the resume of a candidate that can win him/her the opportunity to get the job.
⦁ Your resume should reflect your qualification and abilities in a positive way.
⦁ The employers only call a candidate for an interview if they are impressed by the resume.
⦁ Your resume must be current and cover all the information any employer might want to know.
⦁ Add your qualification and job history combined with the special courses you took to improve your skills and the experience you have got to work in the same position you are applying for.
⦁ Your resume should tell about the positions/designations you have worked on in other companies.
⦁ A lot of courses and job experience make a resume impressive.
⦁ In order to add experience to your resume, it is good to work in different organizations as an intern.
⦁ Work voluntarily or as an intern in big organizations. It will help you gain experience and add the names of big organizations to your CV. And it will definitely give you an edge over other candidates.
⦁ Make sure to use vibrant and striking words to describe your motives and aims.
⦁ Remember that there are hundreds of applications for a single job. In order to make sure that the employer picks your resume and calls you for the interview make it as impressive as possible.
⦁ The next thing to get the job is to succeed in the interview. You must prepare for the interview well.
⦁ Being called for an interview means you have already made your place; preparing adequately for the interview can get you the job of your dreams.

⦁ Preparing for the interview includes both physical and mental preparation.
⦁ Mental preparation means to prepare your mind for any type of questions that could be asked in interview.

⦁ Prepare the answers for all the possible questions.
⦁ You should have clear answers to the traditional questions like ‘who you are’ and ‘what are your aims’. Write the answers picking the words carefully and memorise them.
⦁ Present your strengths and weaknesses in a positive way using the best of words. Your words and the way you speak make a lot of difference.

⦁ Keep in mind that the purpose of the interview is not to know your abilities but to find out what you can do for the company.
⦁ You must present yourself as someone who has all the skills for the job they are offering.
⦁ Assure them that you are the person who would value the interests of the company more than your own.
⦁ Your employer may ask you why you left your previous job; you should answer it in a positive way without talking negatively about the previous employer.
⦁ You have to convince them as to why they should hire you and not any other candidate. You will have to act like a salesperson here and present your skills and abilities in the best possible way.
⦁ Before you go for the interview it is good to do some homework.
⦁ Do some research about the company and the employer in order to get an idea what type of questions they may ask and what type of behaviour do they appreciate.
⦁ You can take help from people who somehow know the potential employer and learn from them about how he conducts the interview.
⦁ Increase your contacts; the more professionals you will know the more chances you will have to get a better job.
⦁ In order to gain experience work voluntarily or as an intern in well-known companies.
⦁ You may not get a lot of money but you will get enough experience to proudly tell your new potential employers.
⦁ If you worked in well known company, even though without a salary, you will get to know many people who are well-known in the business community.
⦁ Such people can help you find a job and their recommendation, while you try to get a job, can make a lot of difference.
⦁ Work hard even if you are just an intern. You may get a good job in the same company if you proved your worth.
⦁ Companies prefer those individuals who can think and act fast even in stressful situations. Increase your abilities to cope with pressure and stress.

⦁ You already know how tough it is to get a job so be very careful about your interview as it is your only chance to impress the employer and get the job.
⦁ Try to cover the gaps and fishers left in your resume during your interview.
⦁ Have a lot of positive abilities and experiences to tell.
⦁ Besides the traditional questions, you may also have to go through a behavioral interviews.

⦁ Behavioural interview is more about judging your practical abilities and require you to be very well prepared.
⦁ You may be asked to demonstrate your skills.
⦁ You may be asked to give examples of particular situations from your previous job experience.
⦁ You must always tell the truth.
⦁ If they ask you about your weaknesses try to present them using positive words. You may tell them your biggest weakness is that you can never sit idle and so on.
⦁ Such light answers have very good influence on the employers.
⦁ Prepare yourself for the questions like how you handled a stressed situation in earlier jobs.
⦁ They may want you to tell them how you used your management skills in a particular situation.
⦁ Another question that can be asked is how you would overcome a situation with your presentation skills. You may be asked to give answer on the basis of your job experience.
⦁ It is also likely that you are asked to give example of a situation where you overcame a difficult situation with the power of your logic.
⦁ They will also want to know if you have the ability to make challenging decisions. You may be asked to provide examples from your past.
⦁ You may be asked to tell about an event where you saved the company by going beyond your limits. Do have the answer prepared.
⦁ If you have worked with teams and groups you might be asked how you overcame the difference between you and your teammates.
⦁ It is very important that you evaluate your job history well and find the answers of all such questions.
⦁ You must bring up such issues which you solved with your knowledge and abilities in previous jobs.
⦁ Instead of answering a difficult questions immediately ask them a question instead to get a clear idea what they are trying to get at.
⦁ Be confident and provide relevant examples in answer to any question.
⦁ Listen carefully so that you can understand the question clearly.

⦁ Be polite and use careful wording. Never forget that you are talking to your potential employers.
⦁ Be very honest about your answers and do not just say what you think they want to hear.
⦁ Take your time to think of the answer instead of saying anything useless.
⦁ Make sure you are well aware of the current issues going on in the country and around the world.
⦁ Your potential employer should find you a person who is capable, competent and well aware of his surroundings.
⦁ Besides your knowledge and abilities to work well, the employers will also want you to be a very presentable and agreeable person.
⦁ To make yourself presentable prepare yourself well in terms of physical appearance.
⦁ When you go for an interview be very careful about what you are wearing.
⦁ First impression always counts. If you are dressed well for the occasion you will make a good first impression.
⦁ It is better to call the HR manager of a company to know what type of dressing will be appropriate for the job.

⦁ Being professionally dressed gives you inner strength and confidence and plays a vital role in your success.
⦁ Dressing well for the interview gives the employer the impression that you are serious about the job.
⦁ Never go for job interviews wearing casual dresses. It makes a bad impression.
⦁ Your dressing must be as good as required for the job.
⦁ Do some research about the company’s choice regarding the dressing of their employees; companies differ in their preference for casual or formal dressing.
⦁ If they like their employees to dress formally like a businessman, dress accordingly.
⦁ Brush your teeth. It is better to use mouth freshener.
⦁ Take shower and comb your hair well.
⦁ Do not make any funky hair style.
⦁ To get a neat look get your hair trimmed if necessary.
⦁ Do not colour your hair. Avoid curls and fluffs as well.
⦁ Do not wear hat or cap.
⦁ Make sure your face is clean and well shaved.
⦁ If you have beard it should be short, trimmed and neat.
⦁ Do not wear a T-shirt and also avoid jeans.

⦁ Choose dress slacks and one colour (preferably blue or white) button-down shirt.
⦁ For a casual dressing for job interview you can also wear a patterned shirt.
⦁ Also wear a suit jacket to look like a gentleman.
⦁ It is better to wear black well-pressed suit.
⦁ Properly button up your suit jacket and make sure it is not too tight.
⦁ Wear a conservative tie to give yourself a professional look.
⦁ Make sure your tie goes well with your shirt colour.
⦁ Your shirt should have long sleeves which should be visible from the jacket sleeves.
⦁ Make sure that only ½ cuffs of the shirt sleeves are visible.
⦁ Your dress should be wrinkle free.
⦁ Wear plain black dress shoes and use dark socks.
⦁ Shoes should be properly laced-up and polished.

⦁ Do not wear sneakers, joggers or any other funky boots.
⦁ Do not use too much perfume or cologne; the employer might be allergic to the smell.
⦁ Do not wear jewellery unless it is a wedding ring.
⦁ Do not show off if you have body piercing.
⦁ You nails should be trimmed and clean.
⦁ Women should also wear well-cut suit preferably with light-colour shirt.
⦁ Do not wear low-neck blouse.
⦁ The colour of the shirt or blouse should not be flashy.
⦁ Avoid tight, modest or revealing clothing.
⦁ The skirt should be of proper length.
⦁ Do not wear too much make-up.
⦁ Your make-up should be light and natural.
⦁ Wear black closed-toe shoes. Do not wear too high heels.
⦁ Do not wear heavy jewellery.
⦁ There should not be more than one ring in your hands.
⦁ Carry a leather file or portfolio.
⦁ To look more professional carry a small business briefcase.
⦁ Women should avoid taking bulky handbags when going for interviews and should have a light and slim briefcase instead.
⦁ Besides dressing up properly it is also necessary that you reach the place of interview well before time.
⦁ Reaching late for interview will make a very bad first impression.

⦁ Being in time for the interview is a perfect way to let your interviewer know that you a person who values time.
⦁ If you reached late you will feel nervy and confused.
⦁ Reaching before time gives you a chance to relax and gain confidence before going to the interview room.
⦁ Your overall body language should also stable and it should reflect confidence instead of anxiety.
⦁ Before you enter the interview room turn your cell phone off or keep it in a silent mood.
⦁ When you enter the room there should be a smile on your face which should look natural, not forced.
⦁ To assert your confidence greet your interviewers in a warm way and with a firm hand shake.
⦁ Your confidence should be obvious from your moves and actions.
⦁ When you sit choose a comfortable but formal posture.
⦁ If you wear glasses only when you read something it is better to keep them off.
⦁ If you wear glasses permanently do not take them off and on time and again. It reflects stress and anxiety.
⦁ Be positive. Make use of positive words e.g. ‘yes’, ‘indeed’, etc.
⦁ If it is an outdoor interview and you are going to have lunch with your employer learn lunch manners well.
⦁ Besides having prepared all types of possible questions take care of other things like timing, attitude and formalities of business dinner or lunch.
⦁ Keep in mind that they are only taking you out because they want to judge your social skills.
⦁ Their target is to judge your ability of communication in a casual environment- a way for them to know how you will be dealing with the clients. So learn all the dining etiquette.
⦁ Remember that only your good manners and fine dining etiquette can win you the job.
⦁ Dressing should be the same as for any other office interview. Dress professionally to impress in the first sight.
⦁ Keep in mind you are not going for dinner with friends; so no jeans, caps or anything less than professional.
⦁ You will need to impress the employer by your knowledge as well as personality.
⦁ Research well about the company and the person who will interview you.
⦁ It will give you an idea regarding what kind of situation you might have to face during the interview.

⦁ Prepare the answers to all the questions related to your academic background, experience with other companies and why you left them.
⦁ Also take a note of your abilities and skills that can help you do that job.
⦁ Always be prepared to impress the employers about your success stories during your academic years and your experience at other organizations.
⦁ In order to make sure your answers will come naturally, practice with a friend who knows the essentials of interview.
⦁ Make sure that you have carefully understood the timing for the interview and there is no confusion regarding the revenue of the interview.
⦁ Do not hesitate to ask questions if you do not know the location of the place or restaurant chosen for interview.
⦁ Ask for the contact number of the person who will be interviewing you.
⦁ Also give your own cell number so that you can be contacted if there is any discrepancy.
⦁ It is good to reach a few minutes earlier.
⦁ It is good not to keep your interviewer waiting.
⦁ Meet your prospective employer warmly with a smile on face and steady handshake.

⦁ Let them lead you to the table. Never be extra-efficient.
⦁ Only sit on your chair when your interviewer has taken his seat.
⦁ Sit straight in an elegant position.
⦁ Do not place your elbows on the table.
⦁ When it comes to place your order you must be very careful.
⦁ Do not order messy meals like spaghetti, pasta, burger, sauces, etc.
⦁ Order something that is easy to eat and there are less chances of it dropping on your dress.
⦁ Choose something that can be cut into pieces and you can easily eat that with a fork.
⦁ Let your interviewer place the order or you; but if he does not, do not force him.
⦁ Only place your order for food after your interviewer.
⦁ Do not order something too expensive.
⦁ Order something which has the same price range as what your interviewer has ordered.
⦁ Do not order any drink.
⦁ Stick to water even if your interviewer has ordered bear or any other alcoholic drink.
⦁ Remember you need to keep your calm and retain personality and manners, so avoid anything that can mess up this opportunity of a great job.
⦁ Before you start eating place the napkin in your lap.
⦁ Eat slowly, take small morsels.

⦁ Indulge in a conversation with the employer(s).
⦁ It is your chance to know the employer as well. So ask questions.
⦁ You will have to give answers to many questions during the meal; so eat accordingly.
⦁ Do not talk with your mouth full.
⦁ Do not fidget in your chair.
⦁ Sit relaxed and confident.
⦁ In order to avoid spilling the glass of water, place it above your plate, not beside it.
⦁ When you are finished eating place your fork and spoon one upon the other and in upside down position.
⦁ If you have to leave the table during the meal place your napkin on your chair.
⦁ It is better to learn proper table manners through some tutorial.
⦁ When it comes to paying the bill, let your potential employer pick the tab.
⦁ The potential employer who invited you would like to pay the bill and the tip.
⦁ Never forget to say thanks.
⦁ It is also good to send ‘thank you note’. It will manifest your interest in the job.
⦁ You should also know that many employers like to take group interviews.
⦁ When you are giving interview with other people listen carefully what all candidates are saying.
⦁ Pick the point well and add from your side when it is your turn to speak.
⦁ Remember you have to prove that you are better than any other candidate in the room.

⦁ Do whatever it takes to impress the employers.
⦁ Remember that the purpose of group interview is the same as individual candidate interview; they want to find out whether you have ability to behave competently or not.
⦁ They look for a person who can work well with co-workers or team members.
⦁ You have to be more careful about your dressing as there would be more people judging you.
⦁ When you enter greet the panel of interviewers individually.
⦁ It is very important to make eye contact
⦁ Shake hands with everyone if possible.
⦁ Do not fidget and present your views confidently.
⦁ The first thing about group interview is that you must not show annoyance or surprise when you have to go through a group interview.
⦁ Keep calm and smile to give the impression that you can deal with any kind of environment.

⦁ When you answer a question or ask a question do not focus on just one interviewer; involve all of them.
⦁ If you seemed unengaged or bored and did not show interest and enthusiasm you will not be able to get the job.
⦁ It is better for you to act like a leader instead of mixing up in the team.
⦁ Leadership skills are what the interviewers look for in a candidate.
⦁ It is also important that you demonstrate teamwork skills.
⦁ They will judge your ability to cope with stress and pressure. So you should be confident and handle every question in a positive way.
⦁ If someone criticizes you listen patiently.
⦁ You should also demonstrate your ability to criticise as it is also what the panel of interviewer judge in a candidate.
⦁ Preparing the expected questions and practicing with your friends can help you a great deal.
⦁ When the interview is done thank every interviewer individually.
⦁ Be yourself. In order to increase your chances of winning the employer it is very essential that you act natural.

⦁ Keep in mind that there is not going to be any rain-check. This is your one and only chance and you have to deliver your best.

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