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Introduction To Video Marketing There is no better way to penetrate your market and get people excited about your offer than with video marketing campaigns.

Not only can you exploit the power of video marketing to propel your viewers into taking action, but you can quickly establish a defined brand of your own.

Videos add life to our marketing campaigns. They transform static, traditional campaigns into action-driven presentations that unleash our message in a powerful, dramatic way.

Videos also give you the unique opportunity to communicate with your target audience in a way that puts you in touch with what is truly important to them, what motivates them, and what will leave an everlasting impression.

But videos are even more valuable than just providing you with an interactive vehicle for your marketing message.

Videos also help to increase the value of your products and even your brand. If you are involved in information marketing, you can instantly ramp up the perceived value of your products by adding video-based components.

People often learn better when they are given a visual as to their tasks and the result, and creating dynamic video lessons or tutorials will instantly increase conversion rates, and skyrocket your income.

So, now that you understand just how important high-quality video presentations are to your marketing message, let's take a closer look at how you can develop laser-targeted video campaigns that speak your customer's language.

There is no better way to penetrate your market and get people excited about your offer than with video marketing campaigns.

Creating High Quality Videos

If you were able to personally welcome people to your website, guide them through your information, and direct them to your order button.

Imagine what that would do for your conversion rates Well, with videos - that's exactly what you can do.

You can use videos in several different ways, including in sales pitches, in tutorials, within your launch sequence to warm up customers and to simply develop brand awareness.

The more often people see you or hear you, the faster they recognize your brand on the spot. The trouble is, many new entrepreneurs struggle with the technical aspects of creating high-quality videos.

They aren't sure what programs to use, how to edit videos, how to enhance the quality, or even how to create scripts or motions that guide viewers from one frame to another, retaining their attention every step of the way.

The great news is that even if you have absolutely no experience creating videos, there are tools and resources you can use to develop high-quality, interactive videos in a matter of a few short hours. For starters, the majority of new computers come bundled with video

production software already, but if you want to ramp up the quality of your videos, however, you'll want to consider purchasing an industry-grade program, such as Camtasia or CamStudio.

These programs will help to add functionality to your videos while making it easy for you to integrate sound (audio narratives, music, etc), as well as highlight important notes, and of course, they provide you with added flexibility with editing video content


If you're a Mac user, check out any of the following video creation tools:


Now, here's what I'm going to show you how to not only simplify the process of creating videos but how to AUTOMATE distribution!

There's a secret weapon online that will allow you to develop dozens of high-quality videos in a matter of seconds, and best of all, you can use this video production suite to repurpose content, so that your videos are created from existing articles you've already written!

The resource is found at

and with this powerful software, you can take existing content and create live, talking videos that interact with your audience unlike anything else! This software makes it not only easier to get MORE videos out there, but it requires absolutely no training or experience, instantly eliminating the learning curve. I've used this resource for over a year now and have been able to generate unlimited traffic just by letting the program create interactive videos and best of all, they'll distribute your videos all over the Internet for you!

Keep in mind that your videos don't have to be lengthy productions.

Even 3-minute videos can do wonders at generating fresh interest and exposure for your product, so start by developing simple video presentations and as you become more familiar with how your viewers respond to your videos, you can begin to tailor them towards better communicating with your target audience.

Article Video Robot will help you get started, and then you can spend time learning how to create powerful video presentations yourself, as you can continue to grow your business.

If you simply aren't ready to develop your videos, consider outsourcing the project to a qualified video developer.

There are plenty of places to seek out some help, including marketing forums such as   


or you can place a listing requesting help via the freelance marketplaces, including


Distributing Your Videos Once you have a series of hot videos in your arsenal, it's time to distribute them to the world!

Once you unleash your videos, you'll begin to see traffic coming in very quickly, as these video community sites and media hot spots are filled with new visitors every single day.

The leader in video marketplaces is

so you must include it in all of your video marketing campaigns, however, there are many other places where you should focus on getting your video circulated, including


Distributing is very easy, but you'll need to create an account with each video site before you can upload your video.

Also, keep in mind that many of these video networks will manually review and approve your video before it's published, so it might take a few hours before all of your videos are online.

You can automate the process by signing up for an account with Tube Mogul at,

an online video distribution service that will push your video message out to hundreds of popular video communities,

video marketing secrets

Enhancing Your Video Response Rate Videos are used to propel viewers into taking action. You want to invoke a positive response from your viewers, but you also want them to take action immediately after watching your broadcast.

One way of doing this is by including a direct link to your website or squeeze page at the end of the video, highlighting the benefits of visiting your website.

Keep in mind that you still need to use a direct call to action, even in videos, so don't forget to spend time crafting the most action-driven call to action possible.

If you want your video to go viral, make sure that you add a "Tella Friend" link to the video, and that you work in 'entertainment value.

Your video needs to stand out in the video community and motivate viewers to send it to their friends, and share it with everyone they know.

You can do this easily by creating a video that adds comic influence, entertains the viewer, shocks the viewer, or offers a unique perspective that differs from the majority of other videos in the same market.

Controversy is one of the easiest ways to drive eyeballs to your videos, but make sure that your video works directly towards building positive brand stature.

You don't want to create videos that leave viewers entertained but find it difficult to trust you.

Professional but Entertaining - that's what it's all about. Before you distribute your videos, you want to make sure that the quality and size are optimized and that are viewable on all operating systems.

You also want to optimize the actual video features, including keywords and tags so that when your video is distributed, it's able to grab ranking in the search engines based on your primary phrases and keywords.

Keywords also help viewers find your video, both through on-site searches and directly through the search engines, so conduct quick keyword research to determine what the most important keywords for your niche are, and include them in the tags associated with your video.

For example, when uploading a video to, you can assign different keywords to your video, which highlight what your video is about and help YouTube to properly organize your video in their database.

You can take this a step further by optimizing your video's title tags, to also include relevant keywords, while varying the keywords you use for each video.

You must be able to rank for multiple keyword phrases, so never assign the same keywords to all of your videos, but instead, vary it up!

You can often enhance your video's search engine optimization by using anchor text when linking to your video page, as well as within the description.

Again, anchor text should include relevant keywords that vary from the keywords used in the actual title or tags.

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